July 26th, 2009

July 26th, 2009

July 26th, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal – Update

I was praying real hard we could, through some miracle, not deny food grains already allocated to the poor and destitute this Ramadhan. Alas, this is not the case and we have to be pragmatic and make the hard choices. We have cut the number of families we will assist from 3,200 to 2,500 in Afghanistan this year, the first time that we do this, ever. Our new revised target then is USD113,750 out of which USD68,000 have been either pledged and collected – Help!

Syed Rashid Ali Health & Business Update:

You might remember the appeal for this gentleman CAI had initiated sometime ago. Rashid Ali had his own trade but had fallen on hard times due a fire at his business followed by an auto accident that left him immobile. Rashid Ali is up and moving, earning his keep with dignity running a small grocery shop that donors of CAI helped finance. Although his injuries from the accident have not completely healed, Rashid Ali is fully functional and independent, does not require further financial help. Jazaak’Allah!

Teen Life & Death Medical Appeal:

Ali Abbas Ali Hasan Jafri, a 21 year old Sadaat boy from Aurangabad, Maharashtra suffers from a series of ailment as a result of a kidney transplant. Ali Abbas has to take multiple drugs to keep him alive. His medical monthly bill was assesses at a whopping USD400 per month, an amount the family don’t even collectively earn. CAI has intervened and through the capable offices of Dr. Abbas Vakil from Al Imaan Charitable Trust, cut the monthly medical bill to USD200. Alhamd’Allah, Ali Abbas is up and about, attending years missed at high school. CAI is appealing for USD2,400 to pay for Ali Abbas medical bill for a year; this case is Sehme Sadaat friendly.

Marriages In AP, India:

Alhamd’Allah, I paid a very quick visit to Sayyadwada, Draksarama, Rajahmundry and Nagram villages in Hyderabaad, India to dispense funds for the marriages of 12 very poor to destitute girls whose marriage rites were held up due to lack of funds. These young girls will now be married during Shabaan, Insha’Allah, in relative ease and more importantly dignity and respect from husband and future in-laws. I could practically feel the relief in the young girls faces and to my startled horror and embarrassment, their desire to touch my feet in a Hindu gesture of deep veneration. I cannot thank the donors enough and as sure as the sun raises tomorrow, the duas of these young girls will bring you much joy, happiness and Allah’s blessings in this and afterlife.

Sakina Girls Home Grades:

I am happy and proud to share exams results of our 74 orphan girls at Sakina Girls Home located in Andheri, Mumbai, India. The scores speak for themselves; extraordinary! Goes to show you what shelter, 3 square meals a day and more importantly, belief in a secure and caring environment can do to a child’s confidence. These grades are at par or better than any child in a normal home. Our donors can be proud of this achievement and Insha’Allah be prouder still on the Day of Judgment when your gesture of kindness towards Allah’s direct command for orphans is taken into account-Jazaak’Allah.

Finally, I humbly appeal to you all to forward this email to as many people as possible so that we may all share in the guaranteed profit It will bring from Allah (S). Jazaak’allah!

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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