June 21st, 2010

June 21st, 2010

June 21st, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI 16th Annual Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal:
The holy month of mercy, blessings, forgiveness and sacrifice is almost upon us and CAI is gearing up for the annual ritual of helping the most needy and vulnerable with a little relief in the form of iftaar rations.  CAI will, insha’Allah, distribute iftaar food packages to about 4,600 such families; 2,300 in Afghanistan and 2,300 in India.
Belkhaab Water Project – Afghanistan:
Grand Fundraising Event – Houston, TX, October 10, 2010:
A group of dedicated professionals are sponsoring the Second CAI Fundraising event to bring awareness and raise funds for forthcoming projects in Afghanistan and India.  Those in the Houston, Austin and vicinity and who can possibly make it for this exciting and important event please mark your calendars and attend.  I also need your assistance in getting word out to as many people as you possibly can.  Jazaak’Allah!
Journey to Waaweilah – An Afghanistan Odyssey:
These 5 part series into remote areas of Afghanistan may interest to you, perhaps.  A comment from one reader was I should quit going to Afghanistan if I am to moan and cry about the hardships there.  Yes, of course, I could quit going, but you could easily hit the delete button and save yourself reading the Blogs and writing to me.    The discomfort, trials and tribulations (and compromising personal safety at times) I had (have) to endure on this (these) trip(s) are neither complaints nor carp, for I wholesomely take these hardships in stride.  Why, if these tribulations will be rewarded by even a single charitable glance from His grace, I offer my life in His service, easily.I sincerely hope these narrations give you some appreciation into what Afghanistan ground realities are, what unimaginable pain these hapless people live through every day and how utterly fortunate we are to be able to read this email, or to have clean water when we turn on our taps, electricity with a flip of a switch or more importantly, an opportunity to change our circumstances.

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