June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014

June 29, 2014 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2014 Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal
CAI has distributed US$155,000 worth of Iftaar food assistance to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. Distributionto various countries in Africa has been slightly delayed due to due to lack of funds. Will will resume shortly insha’Allah, as more funds come in. We appeal for an additional $95,000 to feed the poor in Liberia, Tanzania, Chad, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Sudan. Let us please pull together and  help these communities eat a healthy and filling Iftaar.
Thank you. 
Homes For The Poor
CAI donors recently completed the construction of ten homes for the very poor in various parts of Afghanistan. These were constructed in very remote and difficult to reach areas but they are now almost complete alhamd’Allah. These are mud homes but very suitable for the very cold and icy winters, a bukhaara keeping the house warm and comfortable. Each house costs an average of US$5k.
We share few photos.


Zainabiya Economic Empowerment
CAI donors, through the Zainabiya Economic Empowerment project (ZEE) paid to train 50 very poor Afghan widows in making quality silk scarves, enabling them to earn a livelihood and opt out from handouts or begging. Each scarf is made from pure silk in beautiful colors. Please purchase a piece or more so these widows can continue their livelihood. Your support will also tremendously boost their confidence level. They are priced at US$20 plus S&H of $5 in the USA.

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