March 14th, 2009

March 14th, 2009

March 14th, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Trip Report – Sirsi, March 2009

May this very auspicious birthdays of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S) and the anchor of Fikh e Jafferia, Imam Saddiq (A) be a day of much rejoicing and happiness, for you and your families. May all your prayers be answered by the intercession of these holy and blessed personalities. I also pray that all problems that we Muslims face all over the world be overcome, especially the mazloums of Gaza, Afghanistan and Pakistan, amongst others.

In this email update, I will share with you some of our success stories and detail how we use your funds, especially sadka. Insha’Allah, this will give you a glimpse of the leg work I do here in India under the CAI umbrella. The hardships and despairs I narrate in my communications are not complaints; nay, far from it. I consider it a privilege and an honor that Allah (S) gives me these wonderful opportunities to be of service to you all and for the pleasure of Allah (S)… always.

Sirsi, then, is a sleepy old village (classified a village by the central government of India) northeast of Uttar Pradesh, about a 5 hour (on a relatively good day) bumpy and sometimes hairy drive from New Delhi. This village has an interesting population; approximately 57% Ahlebeyti, 41% Sunnat and 2% others. We are a pleasant majority and it shows in the main village. About 3 miles from the village center stands a grimy old elementary school and a hospital that runs under the auspicious of Al Imaan Charitable Trust; they do quite a remarkable job of educating about 1,200 hopelessly poor children of farmers that till the land around the area; considering the available marginal resources. CAI has been a great help as well, alhamd’Allah, constructing 5 classrooms to get the kids off from corridor classes and an all important laboratory.

On the property of this institution, CAI will construct an all boys orphanage, insha’Allah. We laid the foundation stone of the building on March 10; maulana Haseen uz Zamaan and maulana Syed Sibte Haider did the honors. This orphanage will, insha’Allah, accommodate and educate about 100 (eventually) yateems from northern India and relieve the pressure of cramped orphanages in Mumbai. We need your prayers for the success of this endeavor.

Also in this email update

Mahek Hadi Hassan:

You might remember 10 year old Mahek Hadi Hassan, almost blind since birth? CAI had appealed and got her surgery expenses from you guys. Well, I have excellent news; the little girl can now differentiate between colors and we wait for her eyes to contract enough for a corneal transplant later this year. Prognosis are excellent for her to see at least 20/40, Insha’Allah.

Widow of Istafa Hassan:

Widow of Istafa Hassan, mother of 5 teenage daughters, lives in a depilated hovel in Sirsi proper. Istafa died after his legs were amputated in an accident. The family uses a roofless hole for a toilet, open to stares of neighbors and the ravages of monsoons. Using your sadka funds, CAI will, insha’Allah, cover up the roof and make it a decent toilet and washroom. Cost about USD 500.

Widow of Sayed Nazar:

Widow of Sayed Nazar lives in a hovel with 2 children. When I entered the hut, I had to stoop low to stand and the inside was absolutely horrible; tarpaulin roof and broken wood walls, no furniture; the kids sleep on the dirt floor. My conscience would not accept the condition of this family so CAI will, Insha’Allah, construct a very small, one room solid home for them. Cost about USD 1,500.

Maulana, Syed Sibte Mohammed:

Maulana Syed Sibte Mohammed is nearing 90, bedridden and very poor. He has 2 daughters, both widows that live with him. His service to the local Muslims over the years have been outstanding. I gave him USD75 from unrestricted sadka funds.

Murtaza Hussein:

Murtaza Hussein is a human rickshaw bicycle driver, he ferries humans and cargo around Sirsi, a father of 9. From the USD2 he earns a day, he pays about 50 cents rent on the rickshaw. CAI will purchase a rickshaw costing USD250 so that he can keep the 50 cents and buys essentials for his children. His kids study free at the school.

The reasons I tell you all this? CAI distributes all your monies directly to deserving recipients; there are no middle men. I believe this is the best procedure and it gives me an opportunity to interact with the recipients; the prayers of destitutes and old mo’meens are worth every small hardship.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali



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