March 1st, 2010

March 1st, 2010

March 1st, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Imam Hussein (A) School Update:
This school in Afghanistan is coming along great with the interiors being finalized; desks and other furniture should be in place by the end of March, insha’Allah. Our operating team is in place, coordinating syllabus, books, teachers, uniform and hundreds of little important details that makes a quality school function.  Remember, this will be a model school, insha’Allah, in a poor neighborhood that will change lives of thousands, from current despair and hopelessness of grinding poverty to that of hope and a brighter future with opportunities never before offered to these communities, insha’Allah.  CAI pleads for your important prayers for the success of this endeavor in the service of Allah (S), mindful of the following target to be reached by October, 2010.









A Day in the Life of….

There are many people who make the success of what CAI is today possible and one such man is Amjad Hussein. I pay tribute to this humble, tireless and most critically, a kind man who genuinely cares for orphans and is their mother, father and everything else in between. Thank you Amjadbhai; for your total commitment and selfless dedication to the orphans of Matia Bruj and all others in whose service you have sacrificed so much of your life. May Allah (S) bless and reward you in this and afterworlds.  Please click here to read Amjad’s typical routine day through the eyes of Yusuf Yusufali.
Kishanganj – Bihar:

Most Khojas born and living outside India have strong emotional and some links to the State of Gujraat, India and considerable resources pour into her.  I have been to this richest state in India and am puzzled by all the attention she gets.  Anyway, I was blessed with a visit to Kishanganj, Bihar some 2 weeks ago and was appalled by the backwardness of our community and the shocking illiteracy of her children.  CAI has put in place few economic uplifting programs for widows and few poor rickshaw service providers.  Most needed however, is an elementary school, a small one, for the children who while away their time in play within dirty and disease ridden surroundings.  This school will cost about USD23,000 to build and about USD3,200/year to operate.  CAI already has half the funds pledged and invite you to invest for the balance.  The following few photos tell a telling picture of our community at Kishanganj.



Sayyeda Kulthoum Fatema – an Update:
Khulthoom is on medication to shrink the abnormal tumor growth on her cheek.  Refer to  last CAI newsletter FEB2010A.  She will then go for surgery where she will lose eyesight on her left eye unfortunately.  She will then get fitted with a glass eyes. Insha’Allah.  Jazaak’Allah to all donors who quickly came to her rescue.

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