March 23rd, 2013

March 23rd, 2013

March 23rd, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
How CAI Uses Your Sadeqa Funds

Although the focus of CAI worldwide activities is and will insha’Allah remain focussed on education support in poor communities (schools construction in remote areas, renovate dilapidated schools, add laboratories, computers, libraries, washrooms etc.), she is also active in various aid activities. Here are few recent activities:

1. Here is one of hundreds families CAI supports in food aid worldwide. A destitute widow in Kabul, Afghanistan, mother of three children surviving on about US$1 a day, gets six months food aid.

2. One of hundreds in emergency medical aid CAI supports worldwide. This poor infant was born with two holes in his heart. CAI donors paid for his surgery and is now recovering in Kabul Hospital, Afghanistan. CAI donors will continue his drugs treatment for the near term future.

3.  These children at a school in Laknow, India are very poor. They come to school without proper warm clothes in chilly days of winter, sometimes without eating breakfast. CAI donors paid for warm sweaters in December 2012.


4. This child is one of hundreds orphans in India CAI donors support get a quality education. She has been under CAI donor sponsorshipfor over five years; a straight A student.
5.  CAI donors will, insha’Allah sponsor the marriages of 100 very poor Afghani couples in May 2003. This event and other marriages in India and Pakistan make it possible for poor girls to find a home and begin a married life otherwise made impossible. CAI donors sponsor over 140 such unions annually.
And the work continues, all for the pleasure of Allah (S), for nothing else matters. Jazaak’Allah CAI donors and well-wishers.

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