March 27th, 2015

March 27th, 2015

March 27th, 2015 Comfort Aid International
Work Begins On 2 CAI Afghanistan Medical Clinics
CAI operates 3 medical clinics in rural Afghanistan, some of the most remote parts of the world. Work to construct 2 clinics, currently operating in mud / straw homes, into modern facilities will shortly commence insha’Allah. These medical clinics are invaluable to the poor and desperate people of rural Afghanistan, especially for expectant mothers. They get to deliver babies in a safe and warm environment and their children get vaccinated, something that has never happened before. Sharing few 3D maps of what the clinics will look like insha’Allah. Both clinics in Dayroos and Oozmuck will be completed just before the onset of winter in November 2015 insha’Allah.


Africa Project Updates
140 additional desks delivered to poor schools in Zanzibar; this is taking 420 students off from the floor to sit and study in comfort, without breaking their backs.
CAI is completing due diligence for an orphanage project outside Dar es Sallam, accommodating 30 orphan boys. CAI is completing due diligence for a pilot project to care  for 5 girl orphans in Morogoro. This will be expanded significantly if successful insha’Allah. Both projects will be managed by Dar ul Muslimeen.
CAI to continue scholarships for about 22 outstanding but economically challenged students. These students have achieved an overall B grade, a CAI requirement for continued support.
CAI To Start Construction On 70 Mehmoodpur Sadaat Homes
After very successful sadaat housing projects of 50 homes in Sirsi and 22 in Phandheri, the 70 home Mehmoodpur project will begin sometime in April insha’Allah. Preference is given to poor widows with children, single mothers and then other poor sadaats.

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