March 8th, 2012

March 8th, 2012

March 8th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
After much delay and logistical challenges, CAI is initiating a home to care for our young girl orphans in Afghanistan.  The need is pressing; thousands of orphaned girls languish in hopeless conditions unbecoming of Allah (S) commands on how to treat and care for orphans.  We will start off with 20 girls, expanding to a maximum of 50 insha’Allah as funding and facilities become available insha’Allah.  We turn to you for help please; the annual budget is US$75,000 all-inclusive, including a quality education.  CAI has, alhamd’Allah, secured US$25,000 from a single donor for first year operations; please do whatever you can for this invaluable investment for Allah’s (S) pleasure.

Sirsi Sadaat Home Building Process Begins
CAI has now purchased land to construct 50 homes for poor sadaats at Sirsi, UP – India.  Preference will be given to sadaat widows or single mothers.  Each home will have 2 rooms, kitchen, toilet / bathroom and a veranda and cost US$4,600 including land cost using Sehme Sadaat funds only.  Project will insha’Allah complete end 2013.

Inseeya Fatema Becomes A Medical Doctor
Inseeya Fatema, a young economically disadvantaged women living in Mumbai recently became a qualified medical doctor, thanks to CAI donors who helped her along the way.   A combination of grants and interest free loans from CAI helped Inseeya along.  Inseeya completes her internship in about 9 months then sets her eyes on earning a comfortable income, supporting her struggling plumber father and paying off her loans.  If all goes well, she will focus her attention on a specialty designation.  A powerful, proud CAI / donor undertaking.

Baby Sakina Walks Again
Baby Sakina was shown to me about 3 years ago; an infant with duck feet syndrome of a blind mother.  If left untreated, Baby Sakina would have wobbled all her life.  CAI used your medical funds to treat her; Baby Sakina walks and even runs!  Another powerful, proud CAI / donor undertaking.
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A Milky Blessing
Some 2 years ago, Syed Hassan, a bus poor driver requested a loan from CAI to purchase a milk-producing buffalo; we relented.  Not only did Syed Hassan pay back his loan early, he and wife have been so successful selling the milk and byproducts, they got further loans to increase the heard to 5 buffalos.  All loans have been paid off save one.   Yet another powerful, proud CAI / donor undertaking.
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