March 9th, 2011

March 9th, 2011

March 9th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Draught In Northern Kenya – An Appeal For Food:

CAI has received troubling reports of deaths from starvation of poor farmers in Northern Kenya. We will partner with Bilal Muslim Mission Kenya (BMMK) to distribute food grains to these hapless people and US$10,000 has been allocated to this noble cause. I will be in Kenya early April insha’Allah and assess the situation personally. Please extend a helping hand to these unfortunate poor if you can, thank you.

Belkhaab Water Project – An Update:

Happy to share progress photos on this project which will supply pure drinking / usage water  to about 25,000 poor people of Belkhaab, Afghanistan (mostly women and children). These wretched people spend an average of 90 minutes walking daily, procuring 1 pail of this precious resource.  We must appreciate this project entails laying 7 miles of water pipes under hard rocky terrain in hostile environment and bitterly freezing conditions. Alhamd’Allah, CAI is on time and on budget for completing this project by May, insha’Allah.


CAI Donor Aids Sri Lanka Flood Victims:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to come to the aid of devastating flood victims in eastern Sri Lanka where homes were destroyed and people displaced. CAI will insha’Allah, rebuild / repair about 12 homes and replace school books and supplies to about 500 students who have pleaded to help them continue their studies. Each poor student will get a package of school supplies, including a good pair of shoes. We urge donors to please support this program for which we are about $10,000 short.

You may find this write-up here on my recent visit to Sri Lanka of interest. You can view photos here


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