May 10th, 2011

May 10th, 2011

May 10th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI Aids Poor Students In Tanzania Get Vocational Training:

CAI donors, through Nyota Foundation of Tanzania, recently helped 10 poor student girls with vocational education.  These poor girls (read about their background here) will be able to fast track to employment after completing these courses, insha’Allah.

CAI Opens New Elementary School In Sarepol – Afghanistan: 

There was joy and gratefulness from the poor community of Sarepole, Afghanistan as the CAI donor sponsored elementary school was officially declared opened on April 27, 2011; here are a few photos:

Sarpol SchoolSarPol SchoolSarPol School

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Belkhaab Water Project Almost Complete:

I was fortunate to visit and inspect this vital project of 7.2 miles (12 KM) water distribution project in Belkhaab.  The progress is remarkable, most homes already have pure drinking water and the entire project will conclude June 2011 insha’Allah.  Jazaak’Allah to all our wonderful donors for participating in this fantastic project; may you and your families be amply blessed.  Here are few photos:

Belkhaab Water ProjectBelkhaab Water Project Belkhaab Water Project

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Water Appeal For Sarepol, Afghanistan:

There is a dire need for water to be distributed to Sarepole refugees.  CAI is initiating a project to pipe drinking water at 14 points in this improvised refugee camp, each point dedicated to one of 14 Masoomeen (A); 3 have already been sponsored, 9 left at US$1,000 each.  This is a great opportunity to help very poor and destitute people, mainly women and children, especially in winter when they battle numbing cold to walk for a pail of water.  This project must conclude before October for it to be operational before next winter; please help sponsor a point or a part.

Afghanistan Trip Report:

Click here to read and view photos of my recent Afghanistan trip report; it might be of some interest to you.


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