May 26th, 2011

May 26th, 2011

May 26th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
The Wretched Muslims Of Sarepole, Afghanistan:
A community of about 5,000 very poor and destitute Muslims make up this society in Sarepole, Afghanistan.  These people escaped Taliban atrocities in early 2000’s by fleeing to Iran where they lived in poverty but in relative safety.  They have been now expelled back to Afghanistan for various reasons.  Unable to return to their ancestral lands due to political state of affairs, they have been allocated a desolate piece of land by their government where they literally rot in very challenging conditions.  A UNHCR donated tent is their house, averaging 8 people per family.  This may barely accommodate 5 people but freeze solid in winter; water and sanitary facilities are nonexistent.Comfort Aid International has established and built a small school for about 400 children who are at mercy of elements, another NGO has drilled 1 deep-water well but the daily commute to and from the well is still a struggle.  There is desperate need for permanent homes that provide some heat in winter and a small medical clinic that takes care of basic health care needs.


Comfort Aid International is attempting to provide both with donor funds.  A small mud brick home that provide some semblance of permanency, can last 25 years or more and can be heated by a wood Bukhari in winter costs about US$770 each; we need to house about 500 families.  Please help us support this worthy program if possible.


Thank you and may Allah (S) bless you and your families for your kindness and generosity.

Kenya Drought Relief – An Update:
Happy to share photos of CAI donor supported efforts at famine relief for drought victims in Kenya, organized through BMMK.


Kenya DroughtKenya DroughtKenya Drought

Click here to view these and other related pictures in larger format 

Sakina Girls Orphanage – Sirsi, India:
Happy to share photos of progress on CAI girl’s orphanage in Sirsi, UP India.  Work is in full swing and should be insha’Allah ready by September 2011.
Sakina Girls Home, Sirsi

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