May 31st, 2010

May 31st, 2010

May 31st, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Balkh Water Project – An Update:
CAI is USD60,000 short for the completion of this critical, life sustaining project in a remote area of Afghanistan for some 30,000 Muslims who currently depend on contaminated water for drinking and daily usage.  CAI is in the process of mobilizing pumps, pipes and insulation for the delivery of pure water from an alternate source that will take about a year to complete.  It is imperative all major work be completed before the impossible winter weather sets in December.  Please, please help us complete this project within time and budget – all for the pleasure of Allah (S).  You will alleviate daily misery for a LOT of very poor and hapless people; the returns on your investments are so invaluable, you cannot begin to comprehend how important they are.
Countdown to Sirsi Zahra Boys Orphanage – An Update:
Alhamd’Allah, this project is on schedule to open June 26, Rajab 13, insha’Allah.  Current 14 orphans housed in temporary location will move to their new home this day and CAI will slowly build up numbers to 50.  You can easily sponsor a child for USD32 per month and help him with a comfortable and secure life with quality education a priority.  Here are few recent photos.

Sirsi Zahra Boys OrphanageSirsi Zahra Boys Orphange

Yaal Elementary School , Indian Kashmir – An Update:
This CAI sponsored a school is finally a reality, alhamd’Allah.  Grand opening will be this early July, insha’Allah.  Here are few brand new photos.

Khulthoom Fatemah Surgery – An Update:
This poor young girl was operated on and most, if not all, excess skin and excess growth has been successfully removed. There will now be a process of several skin grafts over a period of a year or so to replace lost skin beginning July 22, insha’Allah.  Although her one eye cannot unfortunately be saved, (glass eye will replace), doctors are cautiously optimistic Khultoom’s face after the grafts will resemble a normal young girls and she will resume a normal, healthy life insha’Allah.  Due to the sensitivity of surgery and honor of Khulthoom’s dignity, CAI will not share before and after photos.
Short Vacuum:
There will be a 10 days vacuum in response and communications from CAI as I am away in a remote part of Afghanistan when this email update is released; cut off from cell phone and internet technology.  Hasnain Yusufali in Austin can help for the most part if urgent (+15127752629); I will respond to all emails after I return, insha’Allah.  Illtemaas e dua.

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