Muslim Calamity In Myanmaar (Burma)

Muslim Calamity In Myanmaar (Burma)

Muslim Calamity In Myanmaar (Burma) 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Sallam and Ramadhan kareem insha’Allah,
All of you must have seen, heard of or are aware of the terrible calamity of Muslims in Myanmar (Burma); it is enough to almost make a human despair of Allah’s mercy.  The evidence of massacres, bodies strewn about worse than slain cattle, burnings, looting and mayhem I have seen makes  makes sleep a struggle.  Through all this, our ‘world’ bodies obsessed with Syria for their arrogant reasons, stay on the sidelines.  My conscience will not allow me to depart this world without an attempt at doing SOMETHING.  Nor will Allah (S), I think, forgive us for not trying. 
What can we do?  Yes, it is extremely frustrating.   Myanmar will not issues visas to me as a CAI representative, it is dangerous even, foolish some have advised me, to make an attempt from Myanmar.  Yet, we MUST try, apart from expressing our outrage to ‘world’ bodies for their inaction and to pray hard for these hapless victims.  I have set in motion relief for refugees who have made it to Bangladesh.  Should the logistics work out insha’Allah, I will be in this country shortly to supervise the distribution.  I will then turn to Allah (S) and my Imam for guidance and ALL of you for support, which has never been denied alhamd’Allah.
Please let us pray for these victims; this is a month of infinite mercy.
If you have strong stomachs and want to view some photos of the massacres, do email me.  Warning – they are super revolting and graphic.

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