November 14th, 2012

November 14th, 2012

November 14th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI’s 13th Afghan School Breaks Ground

Alhamd’Allah, CAI broke ground on her 13th elementary school in Afghanistan, in Hejdey, Dykoondi Province. This will be an all girls school, replacing the current outdoor ragtag one. Once this school is complete, the girls will insha’Allah study in relative safety, warmth and for at least nine months a year. CAI is grateful to Allah (S) for this tawfeeq, to the donors who contribute towards these invaluable investments and the individuals who execute the projects in trying conditions.

Afghan Medical Clinics Receive Ultrasound Equipment

Two out of three CAI medical clinics have received ultrasound machines gifted by CAI donors. We may take this event for granted in the West; it is, however, a great blessing for the poor CAI serves in rural Afghanistan. Alhamd’Allah, this will save even more pain and agony, especially for women patients insha’Allah. Each machine costs approximately US$4k; our remaining clinic will also get one as soon as CAI allocates funds; any takers for this incredible investment in the pleasure of Allah (S)?

Saving Children From Talibaan

Poor children in Nauzad, Helmand, Afghanistan suffer extreme hardships; of hunger and religious extremism. There are 21 mosques who all profess to be from Jaffery Madhab but cannot pray or practice their deen due to Talibaan control. The children are either a lost cause or join in the Talibaan way of behavior. CAI will insha’Allah sponsor 10 children to move to Heraat where they will be educated with a balance of both, proper Islamic studies and academia. This is a pilot project, to be insha’Allah expanded as progress is assured. Long trem, these students will insha’Allah return to Helmand and correct the injustices now afflicting their communities.

Pakistan Mired In Floods – Again

As you may already know, devastating floods in Pakistan have cost many lives and destroyed homes and property, once again. CAI has sent in US$10,000 for emergency food and shelter aid but the victims need much more. Please help if you can by donating whatever possible insha’Allah. We need to act now, before winter sets in, providing blankets and tents especially. Jazaak’Allah kheyr.

Blankets Save Lives!

Our 2012 Blankets Save Lives project update:


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