November 21st, 2010

November 21st, 2010

November 21st, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Of Orphan Care:

It is Eid al Adha day today, Wednesday November 17, 2010.  I shower and go to Zaib Palace here in Andheri, Mumbai for Eid prayers; a miracle happens, namaaz starts and ends on time my fortunes have changed!  Perhaps.  It is already November but is still warm and humid outside where people congregate to greet each other Eid Mubaarak.

I meet and greet Aliakberbhai; we take a short trip to Salkina Girls Home, an orphanage supported by CAI.  Here we inspect few CAI animals ready for the ritual Qurbaani this morning.  Aliakberbhai points out a hefty sheep, she must weigh at least 50 pounds!  I feel a prick of sadness as she nuzzles me for a fresh twig; I’ll be eating her in biryaani for dinner tonight.

All the orphan girls are still on Diwaali vacation save 7 who have absolutely nobody in this world they can call family.  This fact saddens me to no end and my spirits spiral down.  What a terrible feeling to know there is no one you can call mother, brother, sister, aunt…  But they dress up and come down to greet us, say Eid Mubaarak.  Aliakberbhai gifts them cash and candy; my spirits revive.  A little.

I remember an incident visiting Zahra Boys Home in Sirsi with Aliakberbhai not too long ago.  Late one night, a boy could not sleep and Aliakberbhai noticed him tossing and turning in bed.  Fearing for his health, Aliakberbhai asked what the matter was, why was he not asleep.  The boy shyly replied he felt restless; felt his father was here to see him, that Aliakberbhai and I were his parents.  Deeply moved to tears, Aliakberbhai embraced the little boy tightly and reassured him to sleep.

CAI has built 5 orphanages in India and 1 in Afghanistan and actively supports over 200 orphans, not only in their daily requirements but more importantly, in education.  Every time I get an opportunity to visit one of these orphanages, I cannot thank Allah enough for the incredible opportunity He has given me and CAI donors that make all this possible; we are truly blessed.

CAI is on the verge of constructing another girls orphanage in Kishanjang, Bihar to relieve pressure from Sakina Girls Home in Mumbai where the current location has become very overcrowded and a list of orphaned girls await a vacancy.  CAI needs your continued help in caring for these orphans, for their daily need and with the all important undertaking of a quality education.  This is the only sure way we can ensure they will have an edge for a quality life in this very competitive world.

A much belated Eid Mubaarak to you all.

Qurbaani Project Update:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to complete the sacrifice of 48 animals all over India and meat / skin distributed to the poor and destitute.

Few photos of our Sirsi orphans having fun with goats a day before Eid.

Qurbaani 2010Qurbaani 2010Qurbaani 2010
Qurbaani 2010Qurbaani 2010

Pakistan Disaster – 1,000 Home Building Project:

Pakistan Housing Project Funds Status

Balkhab Water Project:

Updating you on the $180,000 water project; it is underway and we expect commissioning April / May 2011, insha’Allah.  This project will provide clean pure drinking and usage water to about 30,000 people for the next 25 years, at least.  Here are some photos:

Balkhab Water ProjectBalkhab Water ProjectBalkhab Water Project

Balkhab Water Project

Sirsi School Classroom Project Update:

I am very happy to report a  single donor came forward and donated $35,000 for the construction of 7 classrooms at our overcrowded Sirsi School in UP.  CAI is proud and humbled to have such donors, mashaa’Allah.  We thank and pray for the donor and his family.  All further donations towards this cause will go towards general education account unless otherwise instructed.



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