November 8th, 2011

November 8th, 2011

November 8th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI Gets Ijaaza From A. M. Shirazi:
Alhamd’Allah, A. Makarem Shirazi has granted an Ijaaza to Comfort Aid International for huqooq obligations, similar to one granted by A. Seestani. CAI can now spend 50% of Sehme Imam (A) and 100% of Sehme Sadaat from muqalids of both A. Seestani and A. Shirazi for any projects deemed necessary by CAI. Click here to view Ijaaza; it’s translation reads:
We grant you permission to act according to what Ayatullah Sistani has permitted you. May you always be successful.

2011 Eid Al Hajj Qurbaani – An Update:
As in past 16 years, CAI was able to accommodate the sacrifice of sheep / goats this Hajj Eid. The meat and skins were distributed to poor and destitute at various places all over the following countries:
  • Afghanistan – 27 animals.
  • India – 40 animals.
  • Tanzania – 173 animals

Share Warmth, Save A Life?:
CAI will insha’Allah distribute 3,200 very warm blankets to the poor and destitute this winter; cost is US$23 each for a very good quality blanket that will last 3 years minimum with rough use. These will go to remote areas of Afghanistan / Pakistan CAI has not before distributed. Please help us reach our goal and share some warmth, possible save a life?

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