October 20th, 2010

October 20th, 2010

October 20th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Fundraising Event In Houston, TX:

We had a fantastic fundraiser in Houston on October 3, raising over US$86,000 for Pakistan flood victims and water projects in Afghanistan; a massive jazaak’Allah to all the wonderful people who put amazing efforts to make this event happen.  This will enable CAI commit to rebuilding an additional 100 homes in Pakistan, bringing total to 208 out of 1,000 goal. Remember, we are at a point where saving lives from approaching winter is gravely urgent.  A US$500 will rebuild a very modest home for the victims who have seen tragedy few can begin to imagine; please help us reach our goal.  Please click here to see some photos of the event.

CAI Project Video On YouTube:
Click here to watch a 14 minute video on CAI successful projects; excellent perspective indeed.

Sar Pol Elementary School Projects Begins:
CAI embarks on construction of new elementary school in Sar Pol, Afghanistan.  This school will educate about 400 children from a shockingly poor refugee community that currently uses sticks and the earth for pen and paper to write under the sky.  Project fully funded; here are few photos from Sar Pol.

Sar Pol Elementary School ProjectSar Pol Elementary School ProjectSar Pol Elementary School Project

Belkhaab Water Project in Trouble:

Sadly, this critical project that we hoped will provide pure drinking and usable water to about 25,000 hapless people in Belkhaab is in financial trouble.

We had commitments of US$45,000 ($20k raised since then from different sources) from a donor that has failed to materialize so the project will either have to stop or go slow as we wait for more funds.

Women and children walk about 1.6 miles to fetch  a pail of water every day; imagine this in winter with 2 feet of snow and ice on the ground. Please help this project along if you can.


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