October 21st, 2011

October 21st, 2011

October 21st, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2011 Eid Al Hajj Qurbbani:
CAI is organizing Eid qurbaani rituals in Africa, Afghanistan and India again this year insha’Allah.  All meats and skins will go to the poor and destitute in these countries.
Animal costs:
Africa – US$32 per head.
Afghanistan – US$113 per head (very large animals).
India – US$68 per head.
We are going into a forward contract to purchase 100 animals at current prices so we must have firm commitments / payments no later than October 31.  Prices tend to escalate the last week before Eid; we may not be able accommodate requests after this date.

CAI 2011 Winter Blanket Drive:
Instead of reacting to crippling cold and related deaths every winter, CAI is being proactive and will, insha’Allah, purchase 3,200 very warm blankets for distribution this coming winter in Afghanistan and Pakistan.The cost,including transportation to very remote areas, is US$23 for a very good quality blanket, lasting well over 3 years even with very rough use.
These will be distributed to the poor and destitute in areas where CAI has not reached before.  We are therefore looking to raise US$73,600 between now and November end. Please help us reach this goal by sharing warmth with a freezing widow and her children perhaps?  Allah bless!

Somalia / Kenya Water Well Project – An Update:
This 500 water well fortification project is well under way; sharing photos of initial wells completed.
Somalia Well ProjectSomalia Well ProjectSomalia Well Project
Somalia Well Project Somalia Well ProjectSomalia Well Project
Somalia Well ProjectSomalia Well Project

CAI Donors Rescue Sick Afghan Child:
CAI donors had the good fortune of helping this desperate child with life threatening illness recover.  The child, in remote Sacheck, had multiple deformities and needed immediate attention not available anywhere except Kabul; CAI emergency medical fund is used in exactly such situations.  The child was rushed to Kabul and successful surgery taken care of; the child recovers, alhamd’Allah.
Sick Afghan Kid       Sick Afghan Kid


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