October 26th, 2014

October 26th, 2014

October 26th, 2014 150 150 Comfort Aid International
100 Poor Bangladeshi Women Get Sewing Machines
A total of 100 very poor women in rural Bangladesh were gifted a quality CAI donor donated sewing machine each. They will now form a cooperative and sew / sell clothes to the local market and insha’Allah be able to earn enough money for food for their families. Sharing few photos of distribution:
Iraq Refugees Need Water
Internally displaced Iraqi refugees are trapped between Najaf and Kerbala, without water. CAI through WABIL in London proposes to drill 10 very deep water wells, up to 1,000 plus feet at the cost of US$30,000 each. This water will provide potable drinking water to thousands of refugees. A donor is matching each dollar for dollar so your one dollar will become two instantly.  CAI has already approved one such well and will continue as funds are received. Please help if you can.
Afghanistan Trip Photo Blog
Sohail Abdullah from New York, on his first trip to Afghanistan as part of the CAI team, has put together a terrific Photo Blog that I am sure you will appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. This is a multi-part presentation that I will bring to you in 3 – 4 bimonthly Newsletters. Here is the fourth clip:
Afghanistan . Rural Interiors . Part 4
In case you missed the first 3 Parts, here they are again:
2014 Winter Blanket / Heating Coal Drive
The winter season is not too far away and CAI will distribute thick, warm blankets and heating coals before the bitter months start in earnest. Our goal is to distribute 2,300 blankets and 10,000 kilos of heating coal to the poor and destitute in the most remote communities in Afghanistan and India insha’Allah. This effort will insha’Allah prevent tragedies of vulnerable children and the elderly freezing to death, which does happen in the remote mountains.
The cost of a blanket / coal package that will supplement a family’s winter energy requirements for three months, perhaps, cost US$32. Remember, this is not just the cost of blankets but the transportation to the most remote parts of this earth.
Please help if you can; sponsor a family or two or more. We must mobilize now to be able to get the supplied delivered and distributed in time. Please help a helpless child, a widow or a poor man sleep in warmth next winter. Please visit www.comfortaid.org, click on Donate and Blankets.
Allah bless.
Al Mahdi Public School In Kargil Completes
The CAI constructed school in Kargil, Indian Kashmir is now complete. Sharing few photos:

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