October 27th, 2012

October 27th, 2012

October 27th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Pakistan Mired In Floods – Again

As you may already know, devastating floods in Pakistan have cost many lives and destroyed homes and property, once again. CAI has sent in US$10,000 for emergency food and shelter aid but the victims need much more. Please help if you can by donating whatever possible insha’Allah. We need to act now, before winter sets in, providing blankets and tents especially. Jazaak’Allah kheyr.

Poor Zanzibar Children Get School Desks

Poor children in rural Zanzibar sit on raw dirt for school study; it is a pitiable situation. CAI recently donated 30 desks (each seats 3 children) from total of 140 to be donated this year.  Following photos tell a happy story.

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CAI Donors Make A Difference

Lozi is an loyal, dedicated employee at our Sirsi schools in UP, India. Tragedy struck his first born who is a handicap. Poor and desperate for medical treatment for his son, CAI loaned him funds so he could begin a side business of renting out a transport vehicle. Alhamd’Allah, Lozi is in business, paying off his loan and saving funds for his family. He plans to purchase another vehicle from his savings shortly insha’Allah. Here is Lozi with his vehicle.

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Jaffery Interest Free Loan Credit Union

Jaffery Interest Free Loan is a Houston TX community based group that helps needy families free from the misery of high interest payments. They have helped hundreds of Momeneen by lending interest free loans, making a huge difference to affected families. This group is now applying for official Credit Union status with the State of Texas and want your help with feedback and support. Please visit http://www.jafari-ifl.org and click on Proposed CU. You can also call Imran Dhanji at 832 661 2059 or email  for more details.


Blankets Save Lives!

Our 2012 Blankets Save Lives project update:


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