October 2nd, 2009

October 2nd, 2009

October 2nd, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Food Crises in Ethopia, Sakina Girls Home, Imam Hussein School

Food Crises in Dhanaan, Ethiopia:

You may have heard of or know about the deepening water and food crises in the Horn of Africa. Thousands on Muslims are starving; and the UN have actually cut food aid supplies to the area due to the worldwide financial crunch. Please watch this horrible clip and decide if you can ignore the gut wrenching agony of these poor hapless people. I must warn you that some scenes may not be palatable to some. Click here to watch the video.

CAI is negotiating with Mercy Corps to purchase USD10,000 worth of food grains and have it distributed in the area without the deduction of administrative costs; we have worked with Mercy Corps in the same general area before. However, I don’t want to wait as the situation is dire and aid is needed NOW. Please, please help; we cannot, must not, not do nothing for Allah (S) will surely find our indifference wanting.

Sakina Girls Home Moving to Mumbra:

I have referred to Sakina Girls Home before; we have urgent need to move the 75 odd yateema girls from current premises in Andheri to Mumbra due to rot and decay and overcrowding. A plot of land has been allocated in Mumbra by Al Imaan Foundation and construction for the orphanage will insha’Allah begin end October. CAI has commitments of USD70,000 now but is short another USD70,000. Kindly help if you can; I do not have to remind you for the great importance that Allah (S) places in the upkeep and care of orphans.

Imam Hussein (A) Elementary School in Daste Barchi, Afghanistan Update:

Sharing update photos for this important and exciting school; please support this project with your duas and money. This will be a huge school, Insha’Allah, both in size and importance to this refugee community that survived the extreme horrors of execution of her menfolks and torture of women. About half of USD950,000 needed to finish the project already received or committed, alhamd’Allah. This will be a modern and practical school, constructed with most durable material, with 3 laboratories and a library. Grand opening sometime March 2010, insha’Allah; YOU are invited!

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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