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Of Indian pilots

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The idea that I, a paying passenger, need not know what is going on, sitting in the middle of a runway for half an hour without any explanation whatsoever, must have to do with Indian mentality and their pure patience, I guess. I was returning to Mumbai from Srinagar the other day, the flight was delayed 2 hours and when I finally landed in Mumbai through rather turbulent air, I was made to sit on the middle of a runway for some 35 minutes while other airplanes raced past me either landing or taking off. Through all this, the pilots remained mum. This is not an isolated case; it is common for all Indian pilots to keep their thoughts to themselves, for this has happened to me having flown all carriers in India.
However, here is something odd. As I cruise through some 35,000 feet over land, and at times through turbulence, these same pilots come alive. They tell me they are soooooo sorry the flight has been delayed. You know why? Because the incoming flight was delayed coming in! As if I care! You are late, you are late, period. Would the pilot care if I arrived late with an excuse that my ride to the airport was late in picking me up? Then he informs me that we are flying through turbulence, as if the coffee sloshing around in my cup has a mind of its own. Then he continues telling me we are headed south to Mumbai. Hello? I sure hope so, that’s where I want to go! He continues, saying the outside air temperature is -50F. So? Should I be concerned what the outside temperature is?And then, after we land, when we have to wait and wait, when I do want to know what is going on and when we’ll start rolling again, the bloody guy nods off…go figure!


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