September 2007 Report

September 2007 Report

September 2007 Report 150 150 Comfort Aid International

A very hearty Ramadhan mubaarak to all of you.

May all of us have the toufiq to get closer to our Master and seek His pleasure always, for surely nothing else matters.

Alhamd’Allah, I have successfully completed my recent tour of CAI projects in Afghanistan and India. I had the good fortune to participate in the following donor funded activities:


1. Distributed Iftaar groceries to 500 destitute families in Herat.

2. Distributed between $50 and $100 to 23 shaheed sadaat widows in Herat from various donors.

3. Distributed between $50 and $100 to 50 destitute families in Herat from sadqa funds entrusted to CAI.

4. Authorized the construction of 6 classrooms on 3rd floor of orphanage to be used as an elementary school to educate the orphans.

5. Set up basic accounting system for checks and balances of donor funds for future audits.

India – Kashmir:

1. Distributed Iftaar to 300 destitute families in and around Kargil, Indian Kashmir.

2. Authorized construction of small school in Srai, Indian Kashmir. This area was devastated in the 2005 earthquake. Since then, CAI has sponsored tableegh books to the villages that have resulted in strong reversion to the Ahle Tashayyo faith. The school will cater for poor children of the villages who otherwise spend time wasting away into poverty and despair.

3. Authorized the sponsorship of a number of destitute children who could not afford school fees at the Imamia School in Uri. Please view the list of these children and consider helping them if you can. CAI requests $23 per child for 6 months fee subsidy.

4. Assisted a widow with two children in Srinagar overcome her recent grief and sponsored her son to school at $14 per month for the next year.

5. Assisted in the marriages of nine poor sadaat girls who could not afford the expense.

India – Sirsi, UP:

1. Distributed Iftaar to 250 destitute families in and around Sirsi, Uttar Pradesh. This turned out to be a real adventure; 90 plus degrees at night with rampant mosquitoes and even more rampant bandits in the area. I had the privilege of firing off a few shots from an ancient rifle into the sky as a warning to any aspiring bandits nearby. No wanton incidents alhamd’Allah, although the mosquitoes frenzy feasted for two nights.

2. Authorized the construction of a Biology/Chemistry/Physics laboratory at an Al Imaan Charitable School in Sirsi. This will prepare the students to compete in exams they are not presently able to do. Cost is US$7,000; CAI seeks sponsors for this investment in the future of our children for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). Following are a couple of images of completion and inauguration of a CAI sponsored computer lab at Lukhnow Boys Orphanage.

India – Mumbai Maharashtra:

Distributed $62.50 to 6 destitute non Sadaat families in Mumbai from sadqa funds entrusted to CAI.

Other major projects in the pipeline:

1. CAI will, insha’Allah, either construct a small clinic or purchase a mobile ambulance for the villages around Kargil. As earlier advised, we lose on an average 25 women and their unborn child every year in Kargil. This is due to road closure in winter months that restrict the access for complicated maternity cases. By the time these sisters get to Kargil proper where medical help is available, we usually lose both mother and child. CAI plans to remedy this situation at a cost of approximately $70,000. There is a donor available for $25,000; CAI needs to raise the balance and looks to its supporters and those that want to invest in the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

2. CAI is investigating the need of a possible boy’s orphanage in Srinagar, Indian Kashmir. I have visited an area of improvised Srinagar where our orphaned children are languishing in extreme poverty and neglect. CAI is performing a due diligence report and possible appeal after my next visit there early 2008; will keep you posted, insha’Allah.

3. Water pipes at Chandawaal, Kabul – Afghanistan. This project has grown in scope quite dramatically from $50,000 to about $320,000 and will now cater to almost 250,000 people, insha’Allah. CAI is now pooling its resources and efforts with other aid groups and individuals. We are in the process of establishing a local NGO in Afghanistan in the name of WAFA. This NGO will then sign an MOU with the government of Afghanistan for the security and ongoing maintenance of the entire setup after completion. CAI is ensuring adequate supply of water for at least the next 25 years by tapping into nearby reservoirs as well.

CAI estimates the completion of NGO status by end of year, insha’Allah. CAI has collected and has pledges of about $180,000 for the project and requests donations. I cannot stress the importance of this project enough; it will relieve the misery of some very miserable momineens, especially young children who daily suffer unbelievable hardships and diseases. Please remember, these people have suffered unimaginable torture by the Taliban and have escaped as refugees from Mazaar-e-Shareef and Bamiyaan.

I hope you find this report useful in helping you understand the progress of your donated dollars; however I welcome your input nevertheless. I am also on the lookout for few progressive servants of Allah (SWT) who want to join me at CAI to offer time and effort towards our mission of serving for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). I realize I will not live forever and the need to set up progression is imperative; also, I want to cut down my travel to projects to twice a year instead the current four. The only compensation is your Lord’s pleasure and benefits are simply the immense satisfaction in helping a fellow human say goodbye to the chains of poverty. As a bonus, perhaps a benevolent glance from our Lord Imam Mahdi (AS) and the appreciation/intersession of Lady Fatemah (AS)?

Let me know …

May all your duas hit jackpot this month and may the mercy of Allah (SWT) be bountiful for you and your families. Please include my family and me in your prayers, especially the security of our imaan, for anything else is surely just fleeting.

Yusuf S. Yusufali


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