September 20th, 2010

September 20th, 2010

September 20th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Pakistan Disaster – 1000 Home Building Project:
There are about 6 million destitute Pakistanis out on the streets, in very venerable and precarious conditions, among squalor and despair.  Here is a great opportunity for you to extend a helping hand of care and compassion.  CAI is targeting the rebuilding of 1,000 homes from existing ruins, reusing salvaged bricks, wood and iron from toppled homes and labor provided by the victims.  This way, a 1 room home can be rebuilt for an average of $500.  If a shelter can be put up now, it will go a long way in providing comfort, security and a sense of a home for the traumatized victims. More importantly, it will ward of crippling cold (and lurking diseases) just around the corner.  CAI pledges to realize this project with no administration costs whatsoever, as usual.  Every single penny donated will go towards rebuilding efforts, here with CAI in the USA and on the ground in Pakistan.

In addition to $50,000 already spent on feeding 8,500 homes for a month, CAI now pledges $25,000 towards this rebuilding project.  If every one family in that receives this appeal and gifts a home, why, we will achieve our objective, insha’Allah.  Please do not let the total amount alarm you; just 1 home from you is all we are asking for – leave the rest to Allah, it WILL be done.

Save a Life – Donate a Blanket:
With winter round the corner, lives of Pakistani flood victims will be lost if we do not act now.  There are millions of people out on the fields with only the clothes on their bodies as a shield against elements and winters can get nasty cold, endangering lives of children and the elderly, especially.  A warm blanket for 2 adults costs US$14; CAI is targeting 5,000 blankets.  We must have a lead time of at least 60 days for these to ship from China.  Please help save a live by donating a blanket or two if you can.

Second Biennial Fundraiser In Support of CAI Project:
Some very dedicated professionals are spearheading this even in Houston and NY on October 3 and 8, insha’Allah.  Please try and attend if you can or help by sponsoring a table and publicizing this event.  Please visit for more details.

Sirsi Orphans Get New Outfit For Eid:
For the orphans at CAI Sirsi Boys Orphanage, this was their first Eid since settling in their news homes. CAI was able to present them with new clothes for this special day, thanks to our very kind hearted donors. The children were ecstatic; thank you!

New Eid ClothesNew Eid ClothesNew Eid Clothes


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