September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Hajj Qurbaani – 2014
CAI is pleased to offer this service once more. All the meat and skins will be distributed to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan (very remote areas), India, Tanzania and possibly Liberia (depending on the status of Ebola control and the ability to provide this service). Costs are:
Africa – US$50 – Small animal
India – $100 – Medium animal
Afghanistan – $122 – Very large animal
Confirmed payments or commitments MUST reach CAI no later than September 30. We make no promises payments or requests made after this date will be  executed as the costs will skyrocket the last week before Eid day. All payments made after September 30 that cannot find an animal will go to a general fund and qurbaanis will be done third day after Eid when prices normalize.
More Houses Given Away
The CAI donor funded Sirsi Sadaat Housing Complex – Phase One has concluded. Eleven additional homes (out of fifty) were gifted to very poor sadaat families earlier this month. Here is Aliakberbhai, CAI representative in India, handing over the keys for the homes.
CAI Donors Aid Liberia Ebola Victims
CAI sent US$10,000 to assist victims of the Ebola virus in Liberia. This disease is taking a shocking toll on the local community in West Africa and all of us must act please. CAI will send additional aid if we can collect more. Please donate to this cause if possible.
Thank you.
Aid For Worldwide Disasters
CAI has been inundated with appeals for help from several countries, especially flood victims of Kashmir and Sri Lanka. We also have several desperate medical cases that need immediate help. We also want to help the victims of Elola disease in West Africa. Please help with your donations; sadqa is acceptable.
Aid to Kashmir flood victims is well under way with food, water purifying tablets, medicines and tents given to the victims; photos coming soon insha’Allah.
Thank you.
Kargil Al Mahdi School Update
CAI donor built Al Mahdi Elementary School in a poor area of Kargil, India is now almost complete. Here are some finishing photos:

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