September 8th, 2011

September 8th, 2011

September 8th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Horn Of Africa – An Update:

Alhamd’Allah, after aiding starving people of this region with 60 tons of food, CAI is embarking on a 500 wells fortification project to help those willing to help themselves in small plot farming project. Any family head willing to dig a shallow well and use the water for irrigating a small farm will be assisted with well fortification costing about US$100; this will ensure the well does not collapse, ensuring constant safe drinking / irrigation water supply, insha’Allah. This project is undertaken jointly with CHEPS Foundation of Kenya, a local NGO CAI had partnered with in the food aid project. Please help CAI in this sustainable project for these hapless people.

Belkhaab Elementary School – An Update:

Happy to share progress on this school slated for grand opening end October 2011 when we are on the ground in Afghanistan insha’Allah. This is CAI donors 9th wonderful school project in Afghanistan, alhamd’Allah! The children, who either study in open-air schools or don’t study at all, are eager to start studying in (near) normal, comfortable classrooms.

Belkhaab Elementary SchoolBelkhaab Elementary SchoolBelkhaab Elementary School

Belkhaab Elementary SchoolBelkhaab Elementary SchoolBelkhaab Elementary School

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2011 Ramadhan Food Distribution – An Update:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI donors were able to help about 6,800 families break fast with donated Iftaar packages in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. May Allah (S) bless and reward you all abundantly for your concern and sacrifices, in this and afterlife.

Matia Bruj Boys Orphanage, Kolkota, India – Our Children:

These are our (orphaned) children showing off their best on Eid day last week at CAI built / maintained orphanage in Kolkota, India. 

Matia Bruj Boys Orphanage, Kolkota, India


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