CAI Newsletter – February 2018 – A

A Day In The Life Of A CAI Supported Rohingyas / Orphans – In Pictures:


Yemen Humanitarian Crises – CAI Aid Continues:

CAI has no choice but continue with the milk, food and medical aid to the suffering masses in Yemen who remain mired in unimaginable pain and grief. Another round of powder milk and food aid is being distributed this month insha’Allah. Please help if you can in this project so the aid can continue.

Halwaana School In UP, India – Progress In Pictures:


A Struggling School In Tanga, Tanzania Gets Life Support From CAI Donors:

The Abul Fadhl Abbas Elementary School in a poor locality in Tanga, Tanzania is a vibrant and upcoming school. They lack running water, toilets hygiene and basic education facilities like a library, science labs and a coat of paint. CAI donors will insha’Allah soon provide these facilities to make it a very modern and self-sustaining school for the poor children. Photo updates to follow soon insha’Allah.