CAI Newsletter – February 2018 – B

A Day In The Life Of … – In Pictures:

Please click here to view this delightful set of photos showcasing the life of a CAI sponsored orphan and the workings of 6 CAI constructed and supported remote medical clinics in Afghanistan.

The Struggles Of The Persecuted Marawi Muslims In The Philippines: 

Ali Yusufali, CEO of CAI, recently visited a persecuted Muslim community in the southern Philippines – click here to read all about the trip.

Appeal For A Graveyard In Pulilan Bulacan, Manila, Philippines:

There is a real and desperate need for a graveyard in the city of Manila where a poor community has to struggle for burial space and permission due to sectarian security threats and violence. Please help CAI raise US$25,000 for this project. Allah bless.

The Construction Status of CAI Sponsored School In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – In Pictures:

This is a proud BETA / CAI Undertaking.