CAI Newsletter – October 2017 – B

Aid To Rohingya IN BD Has Begun:

CAI has begun the construction of 50 toilets and 25 shallow water wells for the Rohingya refugees now at Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Arrangements for the education, care, and wellbeing of 100 orphans is also underway. CAI Trustees are on the ground in the camps as you read this and a full report with photos will insha’Allah be available shortly.

Sirsi India SGH Orphanage Construction Progress – A Photo Update:

CAI’s orphan girls in Sirsi, India eagerly await from their current dilapidated digs to move into this modern facility in May 2018, insha’Allah.


CAI Bamako, Mali School Construction Progress – A Photo Update:

This school, benefiting about 600 poor students in Bamako, Mali is almost ready and will open December 2, 2017, insha’Allah.


CAI Rescued Baby Maryaam (Now Fareeda) Update:

Remember how CAI donors rescued this infant baby when her parents wanted to sell her off due to poverty? If not, read her ordeal here. This current photo with her adopted father Shujaee says it all!