April 18th, 2009

April 18th, 2009

April 18th, 2009 150 150 ComfortAid International

Afghanistan Trip

I am preparing to go visit CAI initiated and sponsored projects in Afghanistan yet again, on April 23, returning May 03 insha’Allah. Joining me this time are:

  • Syyed Muhammed Mussawi – WABIL UK
  • Gulam Virji – Dubai
  • Dr. Afzal Yusufali – Dubai
  • Aziz Jawad – Dubai
  • Aliakber Ratansi – Al Imaan Charitable Trust, India

We will, insha’Allah, visit Kabul, Heraat, Mazaar, Bamiyaan and YawKawlang in this 10 day trip and try visit, among other, the following ongoing projects:

  • Inaugurate the Chandawaal Water Project In Kabul. This project will supply 30,000 internally displaced refugees with clean drinking water. Project fully funded.
  • Inspect construction work on Imam Hussein (A) Elementary School at Land of 12 Imams in Daste Barchi, Kabul. Project still require considerable funding.
  • Study possibility of building a (desperately needed) yateem girls home in Kabul.
  • Inaugurate 10 water wells in various parts on refugee slums. Project fully funded.
  • Inspect carpet weaving project for widows in Heraat. Project fully funded.
  • Inaugurate Al Zahra Sadaat Housing Project in Heraat. Project fully funded.
  • Inspect water well projects in Mazaar. Project still require funding.
  • Inspect Mazaar Sadaat Housing Project. Project still require funding.
  • Initiate medical clinic in YawKawlang. Project almost fully funded.
  • Implement sheep rearing project for empowerment of martyred widows in YawKawlang. Project still require funding.
  • Celebrate mass wedding of 50 very poor couples sponsored by CAI donors. Project fully funded.
  • Meet with MP’s and other government officials to discuss regular maintenance and ongoing security of equipment for Chandawaal Water Project; a task that CAI cannot perform and a promise extracted from government before project initiated.

Please pray for the success of above projects and our safe return.

Project Video Footage

I am very excited in bringing you some of our ongoing projects in India and Afghanistan via video footage; these will give you a clear glimpse of few CAI activities in progress. Please invest about 25 minutes of your time, click on attached links and enjoy!



Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali

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