May 2009 Report

May 2009 Report

May 2009 Report 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Alhamd’Allah, I have just returned from a 9 day trip to Afghanistan; I was accompanied by Sayyed Muhammed Mussawi (WABIL, London), Brother Gulaam Virji (Dubai), Brother Aziz Jawad (Dubai), Dr. Afzal Yusufali (Dubai) and Brother Aliakber Ratansi (Al Imaan, Mumbai). Our travels took us to Kabul, Heraat, Mazaar, Bamiyaan, YawKawlang, Sachaack and back to Kabul. We faced a number of problems and challenges as we penetrated deep into Afghanistan but these pale to the poverty, grief and miseries of our brethren there.

No amount of narration will do justice to the wretched conditions of our muslim brothers and sisters in rural Afghanistan, none. Isolated, persecuted, neglected and living a hard life beyond imagination. Through this link, you will see, through our eyes, photographs we took and a 30 minute video will follow shortly, insha’Allah.

Nevertheless, there has been progress, thanks to Allah (S) and the wonderful supporters who strive hard in Allah’s (S) way with their sacrifices and countless others who are liberal with their prayers. We inaugurated several projects:

1. A USD320,000 water project at Chandaawal, Kabul. This difficult and seemingly impossible project took 3 years to complete but now, alhamd’Allah, provide about 30,000 hapless internally displaced refugees with fresh drinking water.
2. A water reservoir / storage project that will provide fresh drinking water to 240 families north of Kabul, in Rishcore. CAI also commissioned 4 additional water wells in another part of this slum area that has about 140 families without water that are struggling.
3. Inauguration of 6 water wells in and around Daste Barchi.
4. Inauguration of 64 sadaat homes at Baagh e Zahra in Heraat; 36 more commissioned.
5. Inspected the workings of 4 water wells with reservoirs in Mazaar.
6. Inspected the construction of 22 sadaat homes in Mazaar.
7. Celebrated the birthday of Sayyeda Zainab (A) in YawKawlang and witnessed CAI sponsored mass marriage of 50 poor couples; a wonderful experience.
8. Distributed 180 sheep to 20 poor and shaheed widows in YawKawlang, providing instant relief to the widows and a unique system to eliminate poverty.
9. Rented premises for  medical clinic at Sachaack.
10. Appointed a medical doctor, Dr. Bashher Mortaza, who will head Imam Sajjad (A) Medical Clinic in Sachaak.

You will see some of these events in pictures on above link.

It is apparent that water and medical care (apart from education, of course) are critical for the survival and further progress of our communities in Afghanistan and so will be a priority for new CAI initiatives. Afghanis suffer incredible hardships due to water issues and the most hurt are young girls who stay behind and lug heavy drums of water while their siblings go off to schools. Please consider supporting water wells, reservoirs or storage tanks that make irrigation for food possible. CAI will facilitate as many wells as funding will allow.

Medical care in rural Afghanistan is non- existent or if found, so beyond the means of most people, they simply die. We met a sick girl child whose father was heading to a clinic some 3 hours away – on a donkey! And this was when roads were passable due to the melting snow. In winter, there is no option. Let us all pray that even if Allah (S) has destined poverty for any of us, He should keep desperation away from all of us. Desperation in the face of a helpless parent is the hardest to take; it tears the hardest heart apart.

Insha’Allah, CAI, through you the donors, have taken the first step towards some urgent needed medical relief for these people. Insha’Allah, we pray and hope to grow in this area as well. Allah (S) has a special place in paradise for those that quench the thirst of a fellow mo’meen and help heal the sick.

Please help me use my arm again!

arm_help_09Please look at the plight of this boy. Bashaarat Ali Sofi is an 18 year old orphan who had his arm amputated due to electrocution putting up a banner for Muharram rites in January 2008. His father died soon after and he is at his wits end because he has to support his mother and young sisters.

Treatment is possible with an advanced left Tranradial Myoelectic Prosthesis with DMC hand, an advanced state of the art German technology that enables the hand to follow the brains command. We could opt for a wooden hand but that would be doing him injustice as the quality of his life is at stake.

At USD10,400, the treatment is a little steep but worth the investment. Just 10 generous donors of USD1,000 will make this happen. Please, please help!

Jazaak’Allah and Allah bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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