April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014

April 30, 2014 Comfort Aid International

CAI Funded Kargil School Commence Classes
Alhamd’Allah, the CAI funded school in Kargil has commenced classes. As usual, this school gives great opportunities to poor children with no alternatives attend school for a quality education. This is a remote mountainous area of Indian Kargil with harsh winters. Sharing few photos:


Zaynabiya Economic Empowerment – Afghanistan
These pictures speak of amazing success stories – alhamd’Allah! These widows have now begun a trade through CAI sponsored Zaynabiya Economic Empowerment (ZEE) project. Their labor will soon be available for purchase through CAI insha’Allah.


Kabul Girls School/Orphanage – Target Met!
CAI incredible fundraiser for this project in NJ IMF center was a rousing success. Alhamd’Allah! Over 300 attendees raised more than US$160k towards the construction cost of the 2 buildings for a 60 girl orphanage and 300 students school. Mission accomplished allhamd’Allah! A HUGE thank you to all participants for showing amazing generosity. Allah bless!!!
CAI thanks all the volunteers who gave a LOT of effort and time, many times at the sacrifice of family and business priorities.
Sharing few photos of the event. 


The Chief Minister’s Assassin – eBook Version
Now that the fundraiser for the Kabul school / orphanage project is over and target met, the price of my novel is revised down to US$19.99 plus shipping. All proceeds still benefit CAI orphanage projects. 
You can read reviews and comments on Amazon.com.
The eBook version is available here for US$10.99.

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