August 14th, 2011

August 14th, 2011

August 14th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
SOS Somalia:

I am (as you read this), insha’Allah, on my way to Kenya / Somali border for food (adults) / nutrition biscuits (children) distribution worth US$75k to the starving populace there. Alhamd’Allah, our earlier appeal was well received, we raised close to US$75k; we have upped target to US$95k; additional US$20k (perhaps more?) to be sent in as funding / logistics dictate. A detailed report with photos coming up soon, insha’Allah.

Zakaat Fitr:

CAI will again this year, insha’Allah, distribute Zakaat Fitr to the needy and destitute on Eid day in India and Afghanistan.  Please consider the following very important conditions when making payment:

A.  We must receive your contribution no later than Ramadhan 27.

B.  YOU must make niyya of this contribution as a loan to CAI, changing it to Zakaat Fitr on Eid eve or by salaat time on Eid day.

C.  Please check your marja ruling on contributions made outside your home town; some do not allow it.

D.  Make your contribution based on going rate at your residence city.

Pakistan School Upgrade Update:

Sharing photos of progress on 2 rundown schools, Al Abbas Public School and Al Murtaza Public School in Bahawalpur, Pakistan that CAI donors helped upgrade. Both these schools were lacking toilet and library facilities in addition of being rundown. These upgrades will be complete within next 30 days, insha’Allah.


Pakistan School Update Pakistan School Update Pakistan School Update

 Please click here to view these and other related pictures in larger format 

Sarpole Housing Project Begins:
Happy to report construction of CAI sponsored housing for 480 destitute refugees at Sarepole, Afghanistan has begun. These mud homes will save lives in the winter; our target is to have 200 ready before December to avoid exposure sickness or worse for the most vulnerable, children and elderly; balance 280 to be completed after winter thaw next year. CAI has secured funding for 400 homes at US$770 per home. Please help with the balance.

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