August 25th, 2011

August 25th, 2011

August 25th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
SOS Somalia – An Update:


CAI will spend remaining donated food fund balance towards nutritious biscuits for children and food grains for adults (about 10 tons) then cease the feeding program altogether. We want to focus on long term, sustainable projects that promote proper water use and conservation so that these people can start growing their own foods, insha’Allah.
Humble request to circulate this to those that may not see this update.


Please watch this short video –

Giving Somalia - Final Awakening (Abbas Bandali)
Giving Somalia – Final Awakening (Abbas Bandali)

Zakaat ul Fitr:

Remember, your zakat funds must either reach CAI or be pledged by August 28, 2011 for CAI to be able to distribute to eligible recipients on Eid day. Niyyat is very important; treat this as a loan to CAI, then change to zakat on Eid day, before salaat. Also very important you specify if sayyed.

CAI Sponsors Higher Education In Kenya:

CAI, in partnership with BMMK has sponsored 10 poor but bright African students so they can complete higher education in Kenya at the cost of US$20,000. This is in line with CAI commitments in supporting educational opportunities to bright and outstanding poor and destitute students around the world.

2011 Ramadhan Food Distribution – Afghanistan:

Sharing few photos of iftaar distributions in various parts of Afghanistan, funded by CAI donors. Alhamd’Allah, our target appeal amount was met and all eligible recipients on our needs list was able to get supplemental food aid this holy month, ensuring nobody slept hungry. Thank YOU!


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