August 30th, 2013

August 30th, 2013

August 30th, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI Donors Aid Syrian Refugees
CAI donors have stepped up aid to refugees fleeing terrible violence in Syria. Six weeks worth of food aid for a family of six was distributed to about 3,000 families in July. Housing remains a very acute problem however. The ‘safe’ villages are bursting with refugees and women privacy and dignity is being compromised. CAI will aid 200 families pay rent for 3 months beginning September. This is a huge demand on resources, you can imagine. Please help if possible.

Live Saving Blankets / Heating Coal
CAI is gearing up for aiding poor families cope with coming winter insha’Allah. As you may already know, many lives are lost due to extreme cold in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We can save these by providing a large heavy blanket that comfortably accommodate two adults for US$25. Additionally, CAI will give heating coal that cost US$7. What make these blankets pricey is transportation cost to the remote areas, otherwise they cost between US$18 – US$20.
CAI wants to be proactive and move these to remote areas before roads become impossible to navigate; logistics in these countries understandably take a long time. Let us not wait until tragedy strikes before acting. Please sponsor a blanket / coal for US$32 or more if you can. These save lives, especially of very young children and infirm adults. Our target is three thousand widows who have not been helped in the last five years of this program.

Toilet Project In India Completing

CAI donors helped construct 11 toilets for very poor families at Shajahaanpur, UP India which are now almost complete. These families, especially the women had to endure using open sewers or nearby fields for privy needs; both embarrassing and degrading. A very worthy investment for the pleasure of Allah (S)!

Houston TX CAI Fundraiser
Some very dedicated CAI well-wishers are putting together a fundraiser for new CAI projects (2 schools in Africa, 2 in Afghanistan, a girls orphanage in Afghanistan and another in India) on September 29 insha’Allah. Specific details coming soon. There will be dinner of course, speakers and other events. If you live in Houston or are in the vicinity, please try and make it. It will be a pleasure to meet up again.

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