September 14th, 2013

September 14th, 2013

September 14th, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
2013 Hajj Qurbaani
As usual, CAI will facilitate animal qurbaani meat and skin distribution to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Africa (various countries) and India. Average prices are as follows:
Afghanistan – US$120 – Very large animal.
Africa – US$41 – Small animal.
India – US$77 – Medium animal.
Firm orders and payments must be received no later than October 07 to maintain these prices; any requests after this date will depend on prevailing market price, which will probably be much higher.

Live Saving Blankets / Heating Coal
Save a life – donate a warm blanket and heating coals. Targetting 3,000 families all accross Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

My 26th trip to Afghanistan concludes. Following projects in this trip:
1. Opening of CAI funded 13th school at Hidji, Dykoondy Province.
2. Inspection of CAI funded 14th school, khajraan, Dykoody Province.
3. Initiation of CAI funded 15th school in Takhavi, Bamiyan Province.
4. Opening of new Imam Sajjad Medical Clinic in Sacheck, Bamiyan Province.
5. Initiation of 10 new water wells all over Sarepol District.
Narrative and photos coming soon.

India Project Updates
140 Sadaat Housing Project at Sirsi, UP – see photos:
Girls orphanage project in Srinagar, Kashmir:
Land has been purchased; soil testing and construction to begin as soon as project approved by local authorities.
Phanderi UP school science laboratories and library wing construction – see photos:


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Houston TX CAI Fundraiser
Some very dedicated CAI well-wishers are putting a together a fundraiser for new CAI projects (2 schools in Africa, 2 in Afghanistan, a girls orphanage in Afghanistan and another in India) on September 29insha’Allah. Location – Sterling Banquet Hall, 5475A W. Sam Houston Parkway N  Houston, TX 77041 exactly at 1:30PM. There will be dinner of course, speakers and other events. If you live in Houston or are in the vicinity, please try and make it. It will be a pleasure to meet up again.


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