CAI Newsletter | April 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | April 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | April 2024 | A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakat-al-Fitr Distribution

Our partners successfully distributed zakat-al-fitr in the following seven countries on Eid day:

Afghanistan | India | Iraq | Pakistan | Syria | Tanzania | Yemen


Acute Malnutrition in Infants | Yemen

Update Apr 11, 2024: Distribution of high-energy nutrition and medication to 60 malnourished infants is in progress in Hodeida, Yemen. The before and after pictures demonstrate the impact of this essential aid with a visible improvement in the infants’ health. This program will continue until the end of June 2024. If additional funds are collected, CAI will expand the scope of this aid.


Mwakezega Elementary School | Kigoma

Update Apr 11, 2024: The school gets closer to completion.

CAI’s 24th school in Tanzania is under construction, with the opening ceremony scheduled for July 5, 2024. This school is only accessible by an off-road vehicle, about 50 km from the town center in Kigoma, Tanzania. Given its remote location, it will offer boarding facilities for students and teachers, classrooms, computer and science labs, administrative offices, toilets, and a deep water well already in operation, serving the local community with much-needed potable water.

Three hundred and fifty students will gain quality secular education. The aim is to start with elementary facilities, with further plans to build a secondary school and beyond.

The pictures below show the scale and remoteness of this project.


• Aerial view teachers housing side

• Computer lab

• Teachers housing septic and sewage tanks

• Teachers housing floor tiles

• Library

• Girls boarding wash basin

• Girls boarding tiles

• Delivery of aluminum windows

• Aerial view school side


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