CAI Newsletter – Aug 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Aug 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Aug 2022 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Water Aid – Mazar Shareef, Afghanistan

Internally Displaced Refugees (IDPs) in the Khatamul Anbia district of Mazar Shareef, Afghanistan urgently need potable water. The following photos tell a sad story of their daily struggle. CAI is looking at addressing this problem by drilling a deep water well for the 3,000 odd people (projected to swell to 10,000 in two years once the water is available). Two storage tanks of 10,000 liters each on a water silo and 10 distribution points will help solve the problem and the village will rejoice, giving their gratitude in blessing to the donors. The complete project is about US$50,000. Please help if possible. Allah bless.

Food Aid For Afghan Flood Victims

Poor victims whose homes and crops were devastated by floods in Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan, receiving much-needed food aid from donors of Comfort Aid International (USA). Sharing a few photos.

CAI Sponsored 77th School In The Philippines – An Update

The Sultan Lingodan Elementary School in Mindanao, Philippines is well underway, scheduled to commission in November 2022 insha’Allah, and on budget. This will be CAI’s 78th sponsored school. A proud donors / CAI undertaking. Sharing a few photos.


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