CAI Newsletter – Jul 2022 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jul 2022 – C

CAI Newsletter – Jul 2022 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Inaugurates Three New Schools

1.    July 10, 2022 – School in Ampitsijova, Manakara, Madagascar – This school on top of a steep mountain was simply blown away in the cyclones that hit the country in March / April 2022. CAI donors have replaced the wood structure with a sturdy three-classroom structure. The cement, iron, and other building materials had to be transported to the construction site by foot. Sharing a few photos.

2.    July 16, 2022 – School in Handeni, Tanzania – This school in a remote village was so dilapidated, that it was impossible to imagine about 500 students trying to get anything close to an education. CAI donors paid for the complete rehaul of the classrooms (new tiled floor and walls, new roof, new desks, blackboards, and 5 new toilets each for girls and boys). Sharing a few photos.

3.    July 19, 2022 – KG in Chengoni, Mombasa, Kenya – This BMMK remote facility got a new three-classroom modern facility, a flagship structure for future centers to build upon. Sharing a few photos.

Letter From An Ex CAI Orphan

I am Fatima Rezaie. My late father’s name was Reza. I am 18 years old. I have 5 siblings – all girls. I have finished 10th and now I am in 11th grade. Before everything, I want to thank you for all your help and support to us. In the eight years that I was in Sakina Girls Home (SGH), for the formative part of my life, my opinions on life have changed. First, I thought nobody would help my mother or me just because I am a girl. I didn’t have any hope to live, because I didn’t have a father or brother to support me and my sisters. In SGH, I developed mentally and corrected these negative thoughts. I don’t know which aspect of CAI help I must thank first. All the conveniences I had at the SGH orphanage or the superior school facilities at CPES, especially the English department, greatly developed my English language. Thank you for the modern and useful library, the Quran, religious lessons, and programs that helped me to live better. I am so happy I could be in SGH; I achieved so much. Now I am good at school – English, Drawing, Religious, and Quran lessons that changed my outlook on life. Now, I dream to live better and get more success in life. I can’t thank you enough. 
As you know, the general situation in Afghanistan is bad. In the last two years of my school (11th and 12th grades) I worked hard on my English to get a scholarship to go abroad for continuing my studies and be a supporter for my mother who did not care that I was a son or daughter and is supporting her six daughters. I wish to now pursue the TOFEL program that will allow me to attain my goals. I hope CAI will continue the support and consider my request. Thank you so much for supporting us like a father. 
With respect: Fatima Rezaie.
Edited for more clarity.


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