CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Aid To Beirut – Lebanon

CAI donors reacted to the tragedy in Beirut, Lebanon, and aid was on its way within three days, bringing hard to source food and medical supplies to the victims of the blast. CAI is still short of funds for this project so please help if you can.

Sharing a few photos of distribution.

CAI School/Waterwell/Desks/Toilet Projects In Tanzania

CAI CEO, Ali Yusufali, Murtaza Bhimani (Africa Representative), and Mohsin Nathani (Nyota Foundation) visit:
1. Yomba Vocational Center | Dar-es-Salaam
• Shelters 70 special needs students at a facility capable of accommodating 150.
• When we first visited in March 2020, their kitchen and dining hall were deplorable and needed immediate reconstruction. The dorm rooms and other facilities were in similar condition, if not worse.
• CAI donors contributed towards renovating their kitchen and dining hall.
• Upon their request, gifted them a large screen tv for them to enjoy soccer games.
• CAI has committed to reconstruct their dorms.
2. Chimba Primary School | Pemba
• 525 schoolchildren at Chimba Primary School receive shoes that will help them comfortably walk the long road to school and keep their feet safe through the day.
3. Abulfadhil Abbas School | Tanga
• Playground sponsored by CAI donors for a commitment the school had kept for meeting CAI’s maintenance standards.
4. Kisasora Primary School | Tanga
• A primary school with 700 students sharing 3 toilets, and 2 dedicated to 55 kids with special needs.
• CAI donors contributed to build them 10 toilets; 5 for girls and 5 for boys.
5. Macechu Secondary School | Tanga
• School washroom project; 10 toilets total – 5 for girls and 5 for boys.
6. Funguni Primary School | Pangani
• School washroom project; 10 toilets total – 5 for girls and 5 for boys.
7. Kilimangwidu Primary School | Pangani
• New classrooms, toilets and desks project.
8. Makondeko | Zanzibar
• Inspection of well completed in May 2020 in Wilaya ya Magharibi Mkarafuni Ward in Makondeko – Zone C.
• Inspection of the second well project in the area in Zone A.

CAI To Open A Girls Orphanage In Zanzibar Shortly

The current number of orphans under CAI care and support totals about 660, providing complete living support to desperate children without a parent(s). This support includes quality education. Since there is a need for this support in Zanzibar, CAI will shortly establish one starting with 20 girls insha’Allah.

Donor support for these orphans is crucial for these initiatives so please help in this invaluable investment.


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