CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – C

CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – C

CAI Newsletter – August 2020 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Plans To Expand Yemen Orphan Care To 200

As you may already know, CAI supports 100 poor orphans in Yemen, 50 girls/50 boys. These orphans are part of the 660 worldwide poor orphans CAI supports, providing them a life of decency and dignity. This includes quality education, which is the cornerstone of their upkeep.

Yemen has been ravaged with violence for years and the toll to the people and country is in catastrophic proportions, especially to the children who have been most severely affected. The 100 orphans that CAI supports is not even a drop in the ocean to the actual need; there are thousands of others waiting if given a chance.

The food situation in Yemen is dire and malnutrition haunts the terrified eyes of helpless children. Health services are non-existent and hardly any formal school remains standing. Although CAI donors have been providing food for the hungry, high-protein, high-calorie powder milk for the starving children and cholera vaccinations for years, it is orphan care, together with their education that CAI is very proud of and keen to hone in and increase.

CAI intends to double the orphanage size from 100 to 200 as soon as the funds are committed and or donated. Due to the embargo on the country, it takes US$120 per month to support an orphan, compared to about US$100 elsewhere. So, for 100 additional orphans, it’ll cost US$144,000 per year. It’ll take another US$70,000 to prepare a new school with daycare facilities for the additional orphans.

CAI is looking to thus raise US$502,000 in donations/commitments for 3 years in operating funds to commence this project; about US$140,000 has been committed. We will not initiate the project until the 3-year donation/commitment is in place. I humbly request you to please donate/commit if you can insha’Allah. The funds can be donated anytime between now and 2023.

By educating these traumatized orphans, we are not changing lives, we are transforming their entire progeny as well. Please donate in the name of the orphans of Kerbala whose memory we are currently commemorating. Sharing a few photos:

Please click the following links to view albums on the care CAI donors provide our current batch of orphans: / / /

Water For 40,000 Hapless Rohingya Refugees

CAI donors have been helping about 40,000 Rohingya refugees outside Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh receive safe potable water 24×7 piped daily to their hovels in the refugee camps. This service has been in place for about 3 years. CAI has operating funds for this service for the rest of 2020 and needs your support for 2021. It takes US$3,000 per month to provide this critical service to the 40,000 refugees. Please help if possible.

Sharing photos of current water services:


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