CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2024 Ramadhan Food Aid

Comfort Aid International and its ground partners are gearing up to supplement iftar to the most vulnerable during the blessed month of Ramadhan. It will be CAI’s 27th year for this essential project. About 18,500 families (approximately 95,000 individuals), some in the most remote parts, will benefit from a food basket (~$50/basket) to supplement their iftar.

Distribution of food baskets will take place in the following 22 countries:

Afghanistan • Bangladesh (Rohingyas) • Benin • Burkina Faso • Chad • India • Iraq • Kenya • Liberia • Lebanon • Madagascar • Mali • Nepal • Niger • Pakistan • Senegal •Somalia • Sri Lanka • Syria • Tanzania • Togo • Yemen

Your timely contributions will be critical for us to plan for logistics. Please donate or pledge now.

Blessings for your support and generosity!

Acute Malnutrition in Infants | Yemen

Update Feb 1, 2024: Distribution of high-energy nutrition and medication to 60 malnourished infants is in progress in Hodeida, Yemen. The first picture demonstrates the impact of this essential aid with a visible improvement in the infant’s health. This program will continue until the end of June 2024. If additional funds are collected, CAI will expand the scope of this aid.


Abdulkarim Lalgee, CAI representative for Yemen, has just returned from an audit trip where CAI supports and funds the education and welfare of 150 orphans. CAI also aids in food and infant milk distribution to remote areas in Yemen. Although the daily violence has abated, malnutrition in infants is prevalent.

These infants urgently need high-energy nutrition and medication for at least six months to adequately grow and survive. Their parents are unable to afford the cost. CAI wants to help 60 malnourished infants insha’Allah. Please consider participating.

Water Distribution Station | Hallour School | India

Al Mahdi Moms from Hicksville, NY, held a bake sale and successfully raised funds to sponsor this convenient water distribution station for the girls and boys of Hallour School in India. The students and staff can now collect drinking water with ease and dignity.

The photos show before and after facilities.


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