CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – February 2017 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI / BETA Begin Reconstruction Of 300 Destroyed Rohingya Homes In Myanmar (Burma):

Here are few photos of homes already reconstructed for the Rohingyas that were destroyed by the Myanmar army. It takes only US$140 per family to redo a communal home as the Myanmar army will not allow the reconstruction of individual homes.  Each home will house 10 families – about 140 people at the cost of US$1,400. Please help if you can – Allah bless.


CAI / BETA Mobilizing For Additional Milk Aid To Yemen:

This will be the fourth distribution of high calorie / high protein milk to the starving children who are suffering very high rates of malnutrition in this war-torn country. US$20,000 of US$32,000 have already been raised / pledged so there remains a US$12,000 shortfall. Please help – Allah bless.

CAI / BETA Mobilizing For Food Aid To Kenya / Somalia:

CAI Trustees will be on hand to deliver food grains to the victims of acute starvation caused by the severe drought in the Kenya / Somali border area. Very high calorie / protein biscuits for children and food grains are already being distributed to the victims and more will be done in March insha’Allah. Please help – Allah bless.

CAI Orphans Learning To Speak English In Remote Ghazni – Afghanistan:

Watch this short video of CAI orphan boys from remote Ghazni show off their English speaking skills. They attend mandatory after school English and computer classes six days a week. These are some of the activities donor funds support for the 460 CAI worldwide supported orphans.



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