CAI Newsletter – January 2024 – A

CAI Newsletter – January 2024 – A

CAI Newsletter – January 2024 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Homes For The Homeless – India

CAI has constructed over 500 homes for people without housing across India, especially in the slums of Mumbai and remote areas of Uttar Pradesh. These homes are simple one-bedroom affairs with a loft, bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a hand pump. This gift is invaluable to the homeless and desperate widows with children, freeing rent money for expenses like food or education.
Sharing photos of a new home gifted to an orphaned family of nine in Nagaw Sadaat recently.

Portacabins For Afghan Earthquake Victims

The devastating earthquake in western Afghanistan created havoc and destroyed many homes about three months ago. With killer winter around the corner, CAI scrambled to get insulated portacabins for some of the victims, primarily widows with children, possibly saving the lives of 64 families from the brutal winters that batter the country.
Sharing a few photos.

Two More Tube Wells For Tanzania

Potable water in rural Tanzania is a luxury for the thousands of poor villages that suffer the pains of having to fetch from faraway murky and contaminated ponds. Children lose an hour or more from school daily to fetch water for toilet use. CAI sponsors a deep water well at such schools, close to where villages benefit. Hundreds of villages have received such assistance.
Sharing photos of Mtoni Bombo and Ng’ombeni wells under construction after water was struck in Tanga Region. 

Changes At The Helm

Sohail Abdullah takes over as CEO of CAI as of January 1, 2024. Please direct any questions addressed to him at

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