CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – January 2019 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Vaccinating 5,000 Additional Children – Yemen

CAI has embarked on vaccinating 5,000 additional children against cholera in war-torn Yemen. This project is undertaken using a mobile clinic in order to minimize risks associated with a centralized location. Each vaccine costs US$10 per child. This project will bring the total number of vulnerable children vaccinated so far to 19,000.  Sharing a few photos.

Blankets For Refugees – Lebanon

CAI has received disturbing reports of children perishing in the crippling cold at the refugee camps in Lebanon. One recent morning saw 15 children who did not wake up from sleep. A locally purchased warm blanket costs US$20. CAI has pledged 3,200 blankets for this project. Please support CAI in this urgent and invaluable investment in the way for humanity. Sharing some disturbing photos. Allah bless.

Chitqar Khane Water Supply Project – Afghanistan

This project, to supply potable water for 2,500 people who suffer through taxing efforts of fetching water every day, is fast approaching completion. Sharing a few photos:

School In Halwaana Sadaat – UP, India Nears Completion

This CAI sponsored school in a remote part of UP, will insha’Allah complete by June 2019, benefiting 600 children who are denied an education currently. Sharing a few photos of construction:

2018 US Tax Receipts

US-based donors should have received their 2018 tax receipts by now. Please contact us at immediately if not. Thanks.





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