CAI Newsletter – July 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – July 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – July 2023 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Killer Summer Heat – Iraq

In summer, Iraq faces some of the most punishing and dangerous heat and the poor suffer unbearable pain. Many infirm and very young do not survive with very little available power due to constant power cuts. CAI was able to provide 230 cooling units to very vulnerable poor families, giving some respite. The coolers use very little power and 20 homes can share one generator to have some cooling during the night.

Sharing a few photos.

Click below to see the cooler distribution video.

Chengoni Pre-primary School – Kenya

This CAI donor-sponsored school on the outskirts of remote Mombasa, Kenya is thriving, providing pre-elementary quality education to poor students. This school is a head start for more challenging education for these children in the future.

Sharing a few photos.

Protein For Yemen

Thousands of Yemeni children are deprived of animal protein due to poverty and the general violence and chaos in the country. CAI donors have a meat distribution program where mutton or lamb is distributed to very remote and impoverished areas of the country every day.

Sharing a few photos.


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