CAI Newsletter – July 2015B

CAI Newsletter – July 2015B

CAI Newsletter – July 2015B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakaat Fitr

US$7,000 in Zakaat Fitra was distributed to some 410 poor and deserving individuals across Afghanistan, India and Tanzania during the first 3 days of Eid. This gave some Eid cheer to these people, especially struggling women with small children and poor elderlies.

CAI’s 20th Afghanistan School 

The school in Oozmuk in Dykoondy is coming up nicely and will open to students very shortly insha’Allah. This is CAI 20th donor-supported school in Afghanistan. Few photos:


Medical Tragedies In Afghanistan 

Lack of medical facilities in rural Afghanistan is an unconscionable tragedy, especially in the winter months, when access to very hard to find medical emergency services is simply not possible. Death is the ultimate relief, more often than not, in cases where emergency medical intervention is the only cure. CAI runs and manages 3 medical clinics in some of the most remote parts of Afghanistan. A MD, a midwife, a RN and free primary and secondary medicines are available 24 hours. Babies are delivered in safe, sterile and warm environment and children are vaccinated for the first time ever.

CAI has identified a 20,000 plus community in Ahangaran Abdi Village, Dykoondy Province Afghanistan where a clinic is urgently required. The nearest government ‘medical facility’ is about 19 miles away and inaccessible in winter. Although CAI is comfortable the $200,000 required for construction of the clinic will ultimately be possible through donor funds, maintaining and running the facility is proving to be a challenge. CAI is looking for US$50,000 per year for 3 years for this project to be viable and seek your assistance.

CAI medical services have a real-life and immediate impact on the lives of the most poor and vulnerable people of this tortured country. Your help can help mothers safely deliver babies, heal children wounds or simply ease the cold of a toddler. Thank you for your kindness. 


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