CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2015 Ramadhan Iftaar Collection Update:

CAI was, unfortunately, unable to raise the total funds needed to aid all the poor and destitute for this current  years planned project. There is still a window of opportunity, however, to help those communities that have not received the Iftaar food supplement for this week only; it will not be possible after this window. Please help a poor family break their fast with a satisfying iftaar if possible. US$28 per family of four. 


CAI Comes To The Aid Of Poor Albino Children In Tanzania:

As you may already know, these children are oppressed and even murdered for their body parts. Although ‘taken care’ of by the government, they need help with nutritious food, blankets and medical care, especially for their eyes, since their disease can very easily lead to blindness. CAI has allocated an initial amount of US$5,000 for their immediate help. Please help if possible. Sharing few photographs: 

IMG_1469  IMG_1470  IMG_1471

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CAI Afghan Schools – Before And After In Pictures:

 DSC_0218 (640x428)2012-08-27-269(2) 2012-08-27-257

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Food Distribution To Burmese Rohingya Refugees Concludes:

CAI has concluded the distribution of rice and cooking oil worth US$20,000 to desperate Burmese Rohingya refugees within Burma. This project was executed clandestinely, with extreme caution, as the local authorities are adamant in denying any aid to these hapless people. Sharing a few photos:

20150610_145918 20150610_162037_LLS20150612_093759

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CAI 2014 IRS Returns Filed:

This important and informative legal document for 2014activity has been filed with the IRS as required by law. Please click here to view.


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