CAI Newsletter – June 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2016 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2016 Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal:

Our appeal is gaining ground, we are almost there alhamd’Allah; please help us achieve our target if you can. CAI is in the process of feeding 10,000 poor fasting families in 14 different countries across the world. A family receives a variety of nutritious foods that supplement their iftars. Some countries in Africa have yet to receive our funding to make this possible.

Olimometer 2.52

Our 50 Boy Orphans In Ghazni, Afghanistan:

The facility in Ghazni is now full with 50 orphan boys receiving quality care. Sharing some photos.


CAI Trustees Visit Ethiopia To Assess Famine:

Two CAI trustees visited Ethiopia recently, to assess persistent reports  of famine there. Please read report and view photos here.

A New CAI School For These Girls In Afghanistan?:

CAI is seeking funding for a school for these girls in remote Afghanistan. These photos tell a story. And show the need.



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