CAI Newsletter – May 2015B

CAI Newsletter – May 2015B

CAI Newsletter – May 2015B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Fund Update:

We are fast approaching the holy month and still in serious deficit. This project of helping poor families with an iftaar pack spans 14 countries worldwide and will insha’Allah reach 10,000 families. Please help us achieve our goal if you can. US$28 will help feed a typical family of 4 – 6 people. Please sponsor a family or more so they can break their fast with enough to eat.

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CAI’s Zahra Boy’s Home Becomes Reality:

The 50 odd abandoned orphan boys in Ghazni, Afghanistan finally have a home alhamd’Allah. After a lengthy process of obtaining the necessary government approvals, CAI is ready to receive these hapless boys at the Zahra Boys Home shortly. They will be well taken care of insha’Allah, with a quality education, nutritious food, clothes, medical care and their emotional wellbeing. Here are some photos of their just leased future home.

ZBH1                                             ZBH2    ZBH3                                            ZBH4



Food Aid To Rohingya Refugees And Nepal Earthquake Victim Ongoing:

CAI team is currently distributing food to starving Rohingya refugees in Myanmar and the Nepal earthquake aid distribution, although hampered by devastated infrastructure and non-availability of essential commodities, is also ongoing. This is an ongoing calamity. Will be able to provide more updates and photos in next newsletter insha’Allah.




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